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The carpet experience

You might think your carpet is simply a floor covering that is underfoot, and not really looked at or thought about very much. However, when it comes time to purchase or replace that flooring, then it is absolutely thought-consuming. In the next few lines, we hope to help make the process go a little more smoothly, by explaining some of the things you’re likely to hear in the showroom, or find in your online research.

The owner of Contractors Flooring Supply grew up in the flooring industry and worked his way through all the aspects of the business. Now, as an owner, he offers excellent customer service, including a lifetime installation guarantee to assure that you won’t just be a customer, but a repeat customer as well.

From our showroom in Wentzville, MO, we service the areas of Wentzville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield and Saint Charles. We look forward to serving you, and helping you to find the perfect floor covering for your home as well.

Need-to-know carpet information

When you shop for carpet, you’re sure to hear such words as “loop” and “pile”. Pile is, in essence, the very yarn the flooring consists of. Cut pile is a material in which the yarns have been cut to allow each one to have an “end”, but they can also be left intact which creates what is referred to as “loop pile”.
Carpet in Wentzville, MO from Contractors Flooring Supply

Getting a feel for carpet

You really won’t get a workable knowledge of the different pile types, until you’re able to actually see and feel it for yourself. A quick touch will quickly reveal that there are velvet and plush piles, as well as ones that are much deeper and much more luxurious to the touch. The deeper piles are far more comfortable and elegant, but you’ll also find the shorter ones are much easier to take care of.


More tips for selecting carpet

Some people are surprised to find that the sample they looked at, and the actual carpet that was delivered to their home vary slightly. To alleviate the possibility of this happening to you, make sure you ask for a “roll-cut” sample, from the particular lot of flooring you’re going to be buying.

Another tip is to make sure to ask if your choice of material will “seam well”. While there are no truly invisible seams, some floor coverings do a much better job of hiding them than others do. And finally, make sure to discuss a good quality padding, as it can truly lengthen the life span of your floor.

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